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Our aim is not to give an overall view of what we think is the best way of dealing with a situation, but we will provide solutions that have worked for certain parents in certain circumstances. One of them may work for you!

We can not address medical issues but do feel we should provide details of where you can get support about medical problems. To this end we have included, where appropriate, details of support groups and medical services.

Reading With Your Child

We are sent lots of books to review and also receive plenty of recommendations from parents' themselves.

Within the children's book reviews section you'll find all the children's book reviews that we've received. All the reviews have been written by visitors to the site. This section will be updated on a regular basis.

On the children's publishers page we've featured our choice of the best children's publishers plus some examples of their books.

Creating a Child Friendly Home

Set up a play area outside of the bedroom

Add extra storage for all those toys

Add outdoor play equipment to encourage the children to go outside

Invest in long term equipment to ensure that it is safe and longlasting such as pushchairs and highchairs

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